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        Austin Aubry is a multi-disciplinary designer and creative working across fashion, product, and photography. His background is grounded in visual communication with a deep understanding of design systems, strategy, and execution. The space between an idea and execution is where the most stimulating questions arise and are what direct his process.
        He builds experiences that are constructed through research and human-centered design principles. Through rigorous investigation, his projects intertwine questions of lifestyle, worldbuilding, and culture. Clients include Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Hypebeast, Salomon Sportstyle, Stadium Goods, Bacardí, YSL Beauty, Cartier, and more.


MATTE Projects |  22-??

Junior Creative Technologist
Within |  21-22

Graphic Designer
ThenWhat |  21-22

Teaching Fellow
CA+P, University of Utah |  21-21

UX Researcher + Designer
University of Utah |  20-21

Graphic Designer
CA+P  |  19-20

Graphic Designer
HRE  |  19-20 


Honors Bachelor of Science, Multi-Disciplinary Design

University of Utah  |  2020


︎︎︎ austinlaubry(at)gmail.com
︎︎︎ (at)austinaubry

︎︎︎ (in)NYC

1. Consolations in Color


Solo Photography Exhibition

Fice Gallery

Salt Lake City

digital photography
graphic identity
web design
poster design
merch design



Virtual Gallery Experience ⸻ To tell the story behind each piece in the gallery, I created a module-based web experience from scratch that guides users through storytelling elements that explore the story behind each image.

Modules ⸻ In addition to providing digital access to the photos, the experience also includes media that transpired the same day that each piece was created.

The main focus of this exhibit was centered around color. The goal was to push color in tandem with the story being coneyed with each image.

By including photos that I took on my phone the same day I captured each image, visitors gain context behind what inspired the piece.

Including the data gives visitors the ability to put the gallery together in a timeline, and experience the style development over time.
This data prompts visitors to go explore on their own, and experience the photographic approach for themselves. All images were captured in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the gallery was hosted and where I lived during the project.

Visitors at the physical exhibit had access to direct conversation to learn more about each piece. This section provides digital access to the same information.

Visuals and audio have always maintained a dynamic conversation in my creation process. Each piece is accompanied by music that inspired both the capture and edit.

Announcement ⸻ Overseeing the project wholisticly guided me to leverage outside creative’s to help push the gallery forward. The goal of the (digital announcement)︎︎︎ was to tease the gallery content while still immersing viewers in the world being built around the work.

Announcment  A series of six 11x17 posters were placed around Salt Lake City to promote the event, provide a glimpse of the work, and plant the first stake in the world-building process.

Merchandise ⸻ Shirts were designed by myself and printed collaboratively with Fice Gallery, available for sale in-store and online for the exhibition’s opening night. Pushing beyond a simple photo application, the goal was to produce garmets that can be worn to both represent the photographic work and graphic identity.

Playlist ⸻ Prepared for the gallery’s opening reception. A four hour long set that guides visitors through the experience. (listen here)︎︎︎