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        Austin Aubry is a multi-disciplinary designer and creative focusing on experiential product and platforms. His background is grounded in visual communication with a deep understanding of design systems, strategy, and execution. The space between an idea and execution is where the most stimulating questions arise and are what direct his process.
        He builds digital products and experiences that are constructed through research and human-centered design principles. Through rigorous investigation, his projects intertwine questions of digital livelihood, privacy, and culture.

Honors Bachelor of Science, Multi-Disciplinary Design
University of Utah / 2020


Junior Creative Technologist
Within / 2021-??

UX Researcher + Designer
Undergraduate Studies, University of Utah / 2020-21

Lead Graphic Designer
HRE  / 2019-20

Graphic Designer
ThenWhat / 2021-??

Teaching Fellow
College of Architecutre + Planning, University of Utah / 2021

Graphic Designer
CA+P / 2019-21


︎︎︎ austinlaubry(at)gmail.com
︎︎︎ (at)austinaubry

︎︎︎ (in)NYC

4. Data Privacy




Web, Print

In this project, we were tasked with research opportunity spaces within an industry. My teammate and I began found that privacy is the most prevalent problem in modern technology. It affects how we agree to terms of service, purchase goods, and even our elections. The opportunity we discovered was education. While everyone experiences these issues, not everyone knows the risks. From sticker packs to a redesigned terms of service, we aimed to inform the public about what they're getting dealing with when using everyday devices and services.

The seamless integration of our online experience comes with a hefty price – that price is the use of our personal data. In the internet age, every action we perform creates a new digital trace, leaving excess raw materials for the data distilleries to mine, and fuel their businesses.

We were tasked to create app prototypes that showcased our research. The prototype below brings all of the work into view, breaking down privacy issues into Non-Private, Semi-Private, and Private models. Each example is labeled either transparent or non-transparent in the top right.

Outdoor advertising informs consumers of what information can be extracted from their personal data.

This prototype is an example of our proposed design for a new Terms of Service, where users can agree or disagree with separate phrases of the agreement. However, just like in the real world, you are unable to decline each phase, showcasing how deceiving these agreements can be.

What are you agreeing to? Click through the interactive app and see for yourself. Reading the privacy policies you encounter in a year would take 608 hours.

Warn others by taking a sticker pack and putting them on products that invade our privacy. These stickers can inform other consumers about what is really inside their product, and the risks associated with it.