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        Austin Aubry is a multi-disciplinary designer and creative focusing on experiential product and platforms. His background is grounded in visual communication with a deep understanding of design systems, strategy, and execution. The space between an idea and execution is where the most stimulating questions arise and are what direct his process.
        He builds digital products and experiences that are constructed through research and human-centered design principles. Through rigorous investigation, his projects intertwine questions of digital livelihood, privacy, and culture.

Honors Bachelor of Science, Multi-Disciplinary Design
University of Utah / 2020


Designer - Emerging Tech
Within / 2021

UX Researcher + Designer
Undergraduate Studies, University of Utah / 2021

Lead Graphic Designer
HRE  / 2020

ThenWhat / 2021

Teaching Fellow
College of Architecutre + Planning, University of Utah / 2021

Graphic Designer
CA+P / 2021


︎︎︎ austinlaubry(at)gmail.com
︎︎︎ (at)austinaubry

2. Musical Artists

Austin Payne / Photography, Design, Video / 2021

Brenneki / Photography, Design, Video / 2019-2021

Detzany / Photography / 2021

Canyon Night Records / Photography, Design, Video / 2020-2021