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        Austin Aubry is a multi-disciplinary designer and creative focusing on experiential product and platforms. His background is grounded in visual communication with a deep understanding of design systems, strategy, and execution. The space between an idea and execution is where the most stimulating questions arise and are what direct his process.
        He builds digital products and experiences that are constructed through research and human-centered design principles. Through rigorous investigation, his projects intertwine questions of digital livelihood, privacy, and culture.


Honors Bachelor of Science, Multi-Disciplinary Design

        University of Utah  |  2020


        MATTE Projects |  22-??

Junior Creative Technologist
        Within |  21-22

Graphic Designer
        ThenWhat |  21-22

Teaching Fellow
        CA+P, University of Utah |  21-21

UX Researcher + Designer
        University of Utah |  20-21

Graphic Designer
        CA+P  |  19-20

Graphic Designer
        HRE  |  19-20


︎︎︎ austinlaubry(at)gmail.com
︎︎︎ (at)austinaubry

︎︎︎ (in)NYC

5. Recent Clients


Graphic Design, Motion Design, Strategy, Wireframing
PROJECT - World Paloma Day Activation

To celebrate World Paloma Day, 1800 Tequila’s goal was to position itself as a global leader in spirits by creating a unique interaction point for their customers. The solve - creating an interactive hotline that tied call-line nostalgia and brand engagement together.

Through the use of social promotional materials alongside special MMS recipe cards and specialized copy, The World Paloma day activation made 1800 stand out as an authentic voice against a crowded market.

SMS + MMS Marketing
User flow diagrams were created to both organize our ideas and communicate them effectively to the 1800 team. Getting a zoomed out, wholistic view of the text possibilities allowed our team to execute the vision with more clarity and focus.

Paid + Organic Social Creative
To position 1800 Tequila as the best in taste amongst it’s competitors, I combined nods to the brand’s extensive Jalisco heritage with a clean approach to typography and layout.


Graphic Design, Motion Design
PROJECT - Paid Social + Web Advertising

Adhering to a legacy brand like The North Face provided a unique challenge, being tasked with staying true to their legacy brand ethos while producing creative work unlike anything consumers have seen from TNF.

Through motion and dynamic visual layouts, these assets showcase the brand’s latest garments with higher conversion rates than previous creative work from the brand.


AR Concepting + Prototyping, Graphic Treatments